Please, send an email if you would like to visit us.

1114 Budapest, Eszék str. 4/b

1119 Budapest, Bornemissza str. 35.

0620/ 482 6564

(ingyenes parkolás – általunk kiadott engedéllyel)

We grow organic friuts and vegs on our farm!

Open all year round – no summer breaks!

Salt room and gym are waiting for you!

Free spaces

Bornemissza street:

we have 1 free place

Eszék street:

we have 1 free place

Compulsory kindergarten age:

Applies to kids who pass

the age of 3 until 31. August 2021 only!

Would you like to keep your kid safe?

Check our services!

Daily English and Montessori lessons, with early development if necessary

Home made food by dietitian. Organic foods by request

Quadrangle playground with safe age fit garden toys

Check our videos!

Fed up with twisty nurseries?
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